About "Port Commodore"

I chose portcommodore.com not as my first choice. My first choice was “Silicon Realms” (named after my Commodore BBS) but like many domain names, was already taken, it can be hard to come up with a catchy domain name nowadays. I wanted a domain name that reflected my interests and also had a small bit of life to it (like a community), I wanted the website to feel like you were visiting a place, not just a bunch of files on a server. After a few tries at other names, I found the familiar name of PortCommodore was available.

Port Commodore was the name of a Commodore 64 BBS running Image BBS software, the sysop of Port Commodore (the BBS) was Fred Dart (also known by his handle, the Chief or Image Fred), Fred was one of the founders of Image BBS, which was the software my BBS was running on. Fred's Board, Port Commodore, was part of the many Commodore BBS networks ending with one of the more amazing projects the Comm-Net project connecting together many different Commodore BBS networks (of various BBS software). Fred passed away a few years back, I'm sure happy to see his contribution in communication entertained so many people.

It was such a good name to let pass I decided to pick it up for my entry onto the internet and it has stuck well with me so far.

E-Mail us at larry@portcommodore.com

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