Commodore Vegas Expo v13
July 29 & 30, 2017
Plaza Casino, Las Vegas, NV


Just some of the Door and Raffle Prizes from CommVEx 2011



Tickets are $10 each or three for $20.


D. Estel
185 W. Pilgrim Lane
Clovis, CA 93612

Remember to list prize (separate raffle for each item), your name, and address


(Images are not of the actual items)

A RAM based expansion for the Commodore 64/128 the RAMLink gives the ultimate in RAMdisk speed as it connects via the Commodore's expansion port and not the serial iec port.

This RAMLink has 4MB RAM (out of 16MB possible), power supply, RL Utilities Disk, a copy of the manual, the timing clip (necessary to work with C64 models), and the cable for the back-up battery (battery not included). A battery backup unit can be purchased inexpensively to keep the memory contents intact when cycling power or during power outages. RAMLink also has its own built-in JiffyDOS expansion for the host computer.

One of the best “power-up” additions for Commodore BBS sysops or GEOS power users.

A Commodore 128DCR Computer

Commodore 128DCRThe Commodore 128D the next generation of the Commodore 64. Not only capable of running as a Commodore 64, it also has an expanded 128 mode with expanded BASIC and 80-column capabilities. Also with the Z80 processor, the 128 can run as a CP/M computer to access many CP/M programs such as popular business programs, like Wordstar and dBase II.


  • 128K of RAM
  • an 8502 processor (similar to the 6510 the Commodore 64, but capable of 2MHz speed)
  • a Z80 processor
  • a VIC-II graphics chip for 40-column color graphics, sprites, etc.
  • a 6568 graphics chip capable of 80-column color hi-res graphics. (In the 128D there is a full 64K of video ram allowing for better hi-res capabilities from the chip.)
  • 8580 SID sound chip
  • Built-in 1571 Disk Drive
  • Separate, wired keyboard for better ergonomics.
  • BASIC 7 included graphics, sprite animation, & sound commands; advanced programming; and a built-in mini ML monitor assembler/disassembler

Commodore 1581 800K Floppy Drive

The Commodore 1581 disk drive provides a whopping 880K of disk space on a DD 3.5” diskette. Besides the extra capacity for files, the 1581 is also well-supported by GEOS and Wheels GUI OSs, which increases the usability of those programs.

With the proper software, the Commodore 1581 disk drive can also be used to read from and write to IBM DOS-formatted 720K disks.

MSD SD-2 Dual Floppy Drive

This heavy-duty beast comes with serial and parallel ports and has been refurbished by Ray Carlsen.

MSD SD-1 Floppy Drive

Have no need of the above MSD SD-2 Dual Floppy Drive? Then here is the MSD SD-1 Floppy Drive with a single floppy drive mechanism. This drive has been refurbished by Ray Carlsen, too.

Commodore 64 (silver label)

This early C64 comes with a vented CBM power supply modded with modern components.

Commodore 2031 disk drive

For use on the PET and CBM-II computers and C64/C128 with interface, the Commodore 2031 disk drive sports a parallel connection.

C64x "Barebones" Case

New Commodore USA C64x Barebones w/Original Box, USB Keyboard, etc (C64) including:

- Original C64x box w/styrofoam inserts

- C64x top & bottom chassis w/power LED/button

- C64x keyboard (installed in top half of chassis, connects to motherboard USB header)

- Bag of accessories (screws, serial # sticker, warranty sticker, extra Commodore emblem)

No other components are included. Supply your own motherboard, memory card reader, optical drive, RAM, CPU, etc. to build a complete system.

Amiga 1000

Lars Nelson donates an Amiga 1000 with external floppy drive for the raffle! The first Amiga that was marketed in 1985.


Must be present to win.

We usually have on-hand an eclectic bounty of Commodore ephemera and kitsch items.

So far, we have

an Ultra Reset for the Commodore SX-64

packages of Sky Travel, the astronomy program for the C64

a transparent case for a Raspberry Pi

several Commodore 64/128 FM Radio Modules with AudioEx 2.0 disk software from Shareware Plus


Each CommVEx attendee will receive a free, surprise download of C64 Forever and Amiga Forever from Mike Battilana of Cloanto! He'll show up to deliver the passcodes!

Each CommVEx attendee will receive a CD of the complete library of Commodore programs of the Albany-Corvallis Commodore User Group.

Because it is the 30th anniversary of the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000, each interested attendee will receive a 3 1/2” floppy disk of OCS games and demos, courtesy of The Other Group of Amigoids in San Jose, California.

Bookmarks, pinback buttons, and pencils from Stirring Dragon Games, makers of the role-playing game, Unknown Realm.

Courtesy of Roy T. of The Other Group of Amigoids, copies of Amiga blueprints which have the signature of Amiga father, Jay Miner.

Courtesy of the Fresno Commodore User Group, complete disk packages of applications.

Courtesy of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network, Commodore printer interfaces

Courtesy of Computer Station, several, unopened packages of QuantumLink and PlayNet software