Commodore Vegas Expo v8
July 28 & 29, 2012
Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV


Just some of the Door and Raffle Prizes from CommVEx 2011



Tickets are $10 each or three for $20.


D. Estel
185 W. Pilgrim Lane
Clovis, CA 93612

Remember to list prize (separate raffle for each item), your name, and address


Images are not of the actual items

A Commodore SX-64 Portable Computer System

This is a complete Commodore 64 system in a compact 25sh pound rugged case. The SX-64 combines the Commodore 64 computer, 1541 5.25” disk drive, and a 5” COLOR monitor into one sleek-looking case with detachable keyboard. Besides being one of the most sold computers in history, the SX-64 also has the distinction on being the first color portable computer. Originally selling for about $1,000, they are still highly prized by Commodore enthusiasts for being so compact for their time.

A Commodore 1581 800K Floppy Drive

The Commodore 1581 disk drive provides a whopping 880K of disk space on a DD 3.5” diskette. Besides the extra capacity for files, the 1581 is also well-supported by GEOS and Wheels GUI OSs, which increases the usability of those programs.

With the proper software, the Commodore 1581 disk drive can also be used to read from and write to IBM DOS-formatted 720K disks.

A Commodore VIC-20

Complete in a very good box with original RF adapter and cable, two-prong power supply, user manual, and Commodore price list, this is a very good condition, early, PET-style keyed VIC-20. It also comes with several game cartridges and an 8K RAM cartridge.

A Commodore 1764 Ram Expansion Unit

This REU gives an extra 256K of ram expansion - perfect for GEOS/Wheels and disk-copying programs, like Maverick.

MMC Replay

Combine the features of the Retro Replay supercart and the MMC64 storage cartridge plus other added features makes the MMC Replay a versatile utility cartridge. More info: User Manual:

Jeri Ellsworth stamps

Once again attendees will be able to win a set of US postage stamps with Jeri Ellsworth and C64DTV on the face of them!


Must be present to win.

Commodore-labeled Covers

For Commodore 64 computers, disk drives, and monitors, these covers come emblazoned with the word, “Commodore”.

Capture II cartridge

This is the granddaddy of C64 capture cartridges, produced by the Jason Ranheim Company.

CommVEx wine a.k.a. Jack Tramiels

As in previous years, bottles of fine, red table wine from Lodi, California will go to lucky door prize winners. Three bottles of wine are up for grabs, and this Syrah wine came from a batch that won the silver medal at the California State Fair and a silver medal at the San Joaquin County Fair. Wine courtesy of Baysinger Cellars.

Amiga posters

Courtesy of Roy T. of The Other Group of Amigoids, these posters of his show the patented chip design of various Amiga chips with a photo in the corner of Amiga father, Jay Miner. Very glossy and informative!

C64 games

Courtesy of Jim Scabery, this is a pair of C64 games new-in-the-box.

Disk notepads

Are they floppy disks? No! They're paper notepads disguised as 5 1/4” and 3 1/2” disks. Fool your friends. Created by the talented Larry Anderson. t-shirts

Show your allegiance by wearing a t-shirt created by CBM engineer Bil Herd.