Commodore Vegas Expo v8
July 28 & 29, 2012
Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV


The MCC-216 Multiple Classic Computer doing its C64 thing European CBM 8296D the last of the PET/CBM line

AmigaOne G4

The AmigaOne has a PowerPC motherboard capable of running Amiga OS4.x. See Amiga OS 4.1.x in action!

A1 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Amiga 1200 desktop computer

This is an A1200 souped up with a Blizzard 68060 board running at 50 MHz., OS 3.9, 128 megs of Fast RAM, and a 2 gig CompactFlash hard drive. It will be running various games and demos.

A1200 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Amiga 600

Here is a sweet, little machine with OS 3.1, 2 gigs of Fast RAM via PCMCIA, and a 2 gig hard drive. Explore the software in this baby!

A600 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Amiga 3000 desktop computer

Running a 68030 board at 25 MHz with 16 gigs of Fast RAM, OS 3.1, and a 2 gig hard drive, this is a workhorse of a computer filled with productivity titles.

A3000 courtesy of Richard H.


Try out this computer which runs Amiga OS 4.1.x.

Sam440ep courtesy of Tim Waite

the Multiple Classic Computer - MCC-216

Once again, the MCC-216, VGA version, with the latest C64 NTSC, C64 PAL, Atari 2600, and Amiga 500 NTSC and PAL cores will be set-up for attendees to use! Try out the various classic games included with this device. (See the photo above.)

PET 8296-D

The PET 8296-D reappears, this time in fully-working condition. (See the photo above.)

PET 8296-D courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Commodore B128

Not the C128 but the business B128! Try your hands out on this computer meant for the so-serious business people.

B128 courtesy of Larry Anderson

Commodore P500

The rare North American P500 will shock you with its color display and 6509 processor. Another one for you to touch and take photos of.

P500 courtesy of Larry Anderson

PAL Amiga CD32

This two machine will be on exhibit, and CD32 game discs will be there for your enjoyment.

Amiga CD32 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

The Jim Drew Collection

Jim will be showing off the following:

Dave Haynies' “borrowed” (and never returned) C128.

A500 development computer with digital track display

A3000 development computer with EMPLANT, Picasso IV, etc.

A1200 development computer


Misc. monitors, cables, tools, etc.

Prototype SuperCard Pro boards

PET 4032 and PET Video

Mike Hill, developer of PETdisk, PETvet, and PETpix, will exhibit a PET 4032 and more, including a video-related PET project.