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Larry's Downloadable Commodore Helpsheets:

Here are a few things I've made up, usually expanding on designs I've seen in the past:

Commodore Multichart

multichart previewCharacter/Byte Multichart - This is a Commodore Multichart on steroids, it lists various byte representations in Commodore 8-bit computers, Character Symbols (using the VIC-20 character ROM for best representation w/grey borders) Character Codes of PETASCII, Screen Code, true ASCII, 6502 ML, and BASIC Tokens for most of the 8-bit Commodores. As one person put it, “a Commodore Rosetta Stone.”

Screen Design Grids

design grid preview40 Column Character Maps - Two 40×25 grids to help Commodore 8-bit programmers plan screen displays. One in decimal notation, the other in hexadecimal for ML programmers. (includes common Commodore 8-bit screen start memory locations.) Great for either free-sketching out designs and then working out the Commodore characters to use or planning a game board or entry screen.

  • CBM Hackers Maillist - Information on joingin the CBM Hackers Email List, a great discussion venue for die-hard Commodore Fans, especially active ones.
  • Commodore Knowledge Base - Searchable database of Commodore Knowldge compiled by Cameron Kaiser
  • the Complete Commodore Innerspace Anthology - the ultimate 8-bit Commodore Reference, memory maps, chip registers, pinouts, ascii charts, kernel entry points, etc. and indispensable reference for the Commodore 8-bit programmer. Scanned and on-line at
    • If you are interested in getting a printed copy - worth the price for serious Commodore devotees, email the author, Karl Hildon.
  • comp.sys.cbm Newsgroup - The largest open Commodore 8-bit fourm found on the internet.
  • Groups.Google.Com - If you don't have usenet capability to get to comp.sys.cbm, or want to read usenet postings as far back as 1982, this is the place to go!
  • CBM Hacker's Mail List For anyone interested in the down and dirty technical aspects (programming/hardware) of the Commodore 8-Bit computer line, this mail group is for you!
  • Project 64 - On-Line documentation project for the Commodore 64 and other 8-bits, many game and hardware manuals are already on-line!
  • iDoc - Similar to project 64, supporting documentation in languages other than english (as well as english)
  • An FTP site that has PET files/information available!
  • Commodore VIC-20 Information Site - The best starting point for VIC-20 fans.
  • The Hardware Book has pinouts for just about every interface (recently fixed link!).
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