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Commodore discussion venues & Groups

  • DLH Commodore Archive - a MASSIVE archive of Commodore/Amiga related magazines, books, manuals, etc.
  • CBM Hacker's Mail List For anyone interested in the down and dirty technical aspects (programming/hardware) of the Commodore 8-Bit computer line, this mail group is for you!
  • news:comp.sys.cbm THE Commodore 8-bit Newsgroup
  • news:alt.c64 Mainly Commodore 64 games discussion
  • news:comp.emulators.cbm Mainly Commodore 64 discussions as they relates to PC/Mac C64 emulators
  • news:comp.binaries.cbm (not in Google groups)) A moderated newsgroup, posts freeware/Shareware/PD binaries of commodore Programs and files.
  • The Toronto PET Users Group, one of the oldest Commodore groups in existence
  • File/Information Archives
  • An FTP site that has PET files/information available!
  • Project 64, dedicated to putting popular Commodore 64/128 books, manuals, and instructions on the WWW.
  • Commodore Knowledge Base
  • the PET Index ties together my PET FAQ plus other PET resources on the internet. And offers a lot more hardware and technical detail then I have at hand.
  • Commodore VIC-20 Information Site - The best starting point for VIC-20 fans.
  • Skull 2K's Commodore 64 BASIC Games Page - A person still writing in Commodore BASIC, great stuff!

Programming/Development/Experimenting Resources

  • The Fridge - a collection of Commodore 64/128 program routines.
  • All things that are 6502 related, including many links to other great sites.
  • the Interactive Fantasy (adventure games) Archive, has lots of information/files pertaining to interactive fiction programs
  • Amit's Game Programmer Information, helps with solving game programming problems such as working with grids, hexgrids, etc.
  • The Hardware Book has pinouts for just about every interface (recently fixed link!).
  • Pete Web - PC Refurbishing, lots of information (mainly WinTel PC oriented) on hardware drivers, jumper settings etc, a good start if you want to mess with drives and stuff.
  • Computer/game emulators for the Macintosh - Includes links for several 64 Plus/4 and VIC-20 emulators.
  • Don't you wish there was a Commoodre 8-bit machine for the new millennium? You know one that can use 64 software but also can run 20 times faster, have super high resolution graphics, a more robust SID (16 SID, 8 DMA voices), and interfaces to hook up to a hard drive or possibly ethernt? Jeri Ellsworth's C-One is that machine, still in development, but prototypes are proving the naysayers wrong!
  • CommodoreKey now sells and supports Creative Micro Designs hardware, quality peripherals and enhancements for the 64! Also sells other makers 64/128 hardware and software.

Microcomputer collectors and collections

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