This section concentrates on non-computer gaming, games that encourage communication, interaction, skill strategy and sometimes teamwork but not isolation, with computers we get enough of that already.

Larry's Gaming Sheets:

Tales From the Floating Vagabond (TFFV) - one of the better 'Comedy Role-Playing Games' (previously published by Avalon Hill) is set up to parody movies, books, TV and comics. You pick from a list of races like Human, Dogman, RhinoMan, Cute Fuzzy Thing, etc., select a special comedic power (called a 'Schtick') like Rambo Effect or Newton Effect, flesh out your attributes and off-the wall skills and you are ready to adventure in a universe where the laws of physics are out to lunch.

  • TFFV Character Sheet - here is my re-do of the TFFV character sheet with extra boxes and enough spaces to list most of your skills, attributes, posessions and notes.m
  • TFFV Reference Sheet - This is a somewhat organized note page of different things you would refer to that aren't too easy to find in the rulebook and are missing from the GM screen (that comes with Bar Wars.) Such things as step-by step calculation of combat modifiers.

Clay-O-Rama Rules - My attempt of preserving some of the best darn introductory miniatures rules ever made. All you need is some paper, pencils, some six siders and cans of play-doh modeling compound. This is one wargame you can get the ladies to play. I've added a quick-fill player sheet as well as a quickstart GM reference sheet.

Games & Information

  • Axels and Alloys - A grass-roots variation of the Car Wars style demolition derby with weapons, available free on the Net. (Note: click on the Games Link on the Wolfe Games Site our link taes you to, you will be able to find the Axles and Alloys Rules there.)
  • - Want a quick game of … THE site on the internet for people into board games, includes forums, a boardgame database, even a boardgame player registry to find board gamers in your area.
  • BrikWars - Legos and other brick style playthings are the ultimate snap-together modeling system, now utilize the versatility to create themed miniature wargames. Find the rules and discussions of doing such at this site.
  • Card Games from Around the World - When you want to play on the road and all the spece you have is for a deck or two of cards.
  • Clay-O-Rama - This game has been around for decades it is a miniatures game played with three to eight friends, these instructions, six sided dice and as many cans of Play-Doh as there are players. (tip: This is one of the few games you can get non-gamer chicks to play!)
  • Invisible City Games District - Lots of free spirits making zines ands other stuff populate the Invisible City, this is the Games District.
  • The Miniatures Page - A great source for Miniature collectors and game players.

Gamer Comics and Publications

  • Dork Tower - Anther Gamer's Oriented Comic - very funny!
  • Kenzer Co. - Home of Knights of the Dinner Table - one of the BEST gaming comics/gaming magazines to come out in a looonnnnggg time. :-) and Everquest another fantsay campaign parody like Nodwick (below).
  • Nodwick - Instead of the Gamers themselves this one is set in obviously a game world where funny things can happen to the characters.
  • PVP - Published by the publishers of Dork Tower and Nodwick this group of misfits work at a computer games company developing on-line multiplayer games.

Companies & Stuff to Buy

  • - Games short on frills and low on cost but very good on wit and playability.Check out calssics such as “Kill Dr. Lucky” and “Give me the Brain”.
  • Game Biz Advice - Want to Break into the Game Design Business (legitimately that is) here are some tips on what to do and not to do to get started.
  • Dungeons and Dragons - Formerly from TSR, D&D is now a division of Wizards of the Coast (the company that brought us Magic: the Gathering collectible card gme). Dungeons and Dragons feared by some but enjoyed by many let players play the roles of good fantasy characters battling the evil forces in a magical realm. For the 'old school' gamers, free reprints of older modules and rules are available in the download section.
  • Koplow Games - Got Dice? (they sell all the popular polyhedral dice including do-it-yourself blanks of various counts.)

Making Your Place a Gaming Paradise

  • The Ultimate Gaming Table - If you have played for a few years you know how people glancing at your *stuff* can get annoying or getting that secret note to a player/G.M. starts a fued, the Ultimate Gaming Table is designed to address that and many other gaming issues.
  • Personal Soda Fountain - If you have the Ultimate Games Room, it's not complete without a serve yourself soft-drink bar just like the fast food marts have. See the site on tips to have CocaCola on tap in your house!
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