Welcome to my ramblings and explorations of many things. Think there isn't much on the site, start clicking the menu on the left or the index link and you will see I write a lot… last count was about 85 pages. 8-)

Calaveras High Computer Club 1982

Here is a picture of me in high school back in the 80s… I'm the one in the back right staring at the computer screen. Yeah, I like computers, sci fi, role playing games (the paper ones) and all that other nerdy stuff.

Castle screenshot.

Here is my second program back from 1979 or so. My first one was another castle which I drew on the screen and my brother, Richard, helped me make into a program… but the old program was still in memory.. oh well redoing things helps you improve your skills ;-).

Joe Commodore Cartoon This is my image ofmy BBS persona - JoeCommodore, a play on Joe Cool. I use it now and again for forums and google groups.

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