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PaCommEx Exhibits

Commodore PET 2001

The one that beat Apple and Tandy in the market

Commodore PET 4016

A later model PET with 16K of RAM, BASIC 4.0, and a full-sized keyboard.

classic Commodore 64 breadbin

The one that started all the sales, a brown NTSC C64, along with a 1701/1702 monitor

Commodore Educator 64

Commodore Business Machines' foray into the education field

Commodore SX-64

CBM's foray into transportable computers. This one (or two…) is a NTSC model.

Commodore 64G

Different color case, basically the same machine. This one is PAL.

VIC-20 (PAL)

This is a refurbished VIC-20 with JiffyDOS and the Ray Carlsen s-video mod.

Commodore Amiga 2000

The one that was on exhibit at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2017, loaded with a Blizzard 2060 50 MHz. board, 128 megs of Fast RAM, 2 megs of Chip RAM due to MegaChip, SCSI controller board with 8 megs of RAM, NewTek Video Toaster, Digital Processing Systems Personal TBC, A2065 Ethernet card, Digital Processing Systems Personal Animation Recorder (PAR), OS 3.1, SCSI CD-ROM drive, 4 gig SCSI main hard drive, 500 meg SCSI hard drive for the PAR.

Commodore 64GS motherboard

CBM's answer to the Nintendo Entertainment System game console. It is a PAL unit.

C64 Reloaded

Newly-manufactured motherboard in a newly-manufactured case

CommodoreUSA C64x

From the short-lived American company, it is a modern PC housed a newly-manufactured, C64-look-a-like brown case.

Commodore 128DCR

This is the big brother to the C64, and it will be playing SID tunes throughout the show.

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