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PaCommEx Presentations & Guests

Ray Carlsen

Veteran C= repairman Ray Carlsen will discuss his work in a video presentation.

Kent Sullivan and Bryan Minugh

Kent Sullivan and Bryan Minugh of Dr. Evil Laboratories will speak about the classic Swiftlink-232 cartridge - how it came to be created, its design, and the rest of his history. If you have questions about the classic SID Symphony cartridge from Dr. Evil Labs, have those ready, too.

Noel Nyman

Transactor writer, Noel Nyman, will have a presentation entitled, “How to Build a Commodore Cartridge Without EPROMs”, and will exhibit his Commodore, wire-wrapped, prototype cartridge.

In addition, he will have a brief presentation entitled, “Opcodes… Schmopcodes… Commodore and Apple Similarities.”

Leonard Tramiel

Filmed for our sister show, the Commodore Vegas Expo, Leonard Tramiel, son of CBM founder Jack Tramiel, tells a few stories of the company back in the day.

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