Commodore Vegas Expo v7
July 23 & 24, 2011
Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV



Images are not of the actual items

A Commodore SX-64 Portable Computer System

This is a complete Commodore 64 system in a compact 25sh pound rugged case. The SX-64 combines the Commodore 64 computer, 1541 5.25” disk drive, and a 5” COLOR monitor into one sleek-looking case with detachable keyboard. Besides being one of the most sold computers in history, the SX-64 also has the distinction on being the first color portable computer. Originally SX-64s sold for about $1,000, they are still highly prized by Commodore enthusiasts for being so compact.

A Commodore 1581 800K Floppy Drive

The Commodore 1581 disk drive provides a whopping 880K of disk space on a DD 3.5” diskette. Besides the extra capacity for files, the 1581 is also well-supported by GEOS and Wheels GUI OSs, which increases the usability of those programs.

With the proper software, the Commodore 1581 disk drive can also be used to read from and write to IBM DOS formatted 720K disks.

Turbo 232 High Speed RS-232 Adapter

The Turbo232 cartridge is a high-speed RS-232c modem interface which allows you to connect standard external modems to your Commodore 64 or 128 computer.

When used with appropriate terminal software, this cartridge allows you to connect to communications networks at speeds up to 230,400 bps (230Kbps). The interface plugs easily into the cartridge port of any Commodore 64 or 128 computer, and provides an industry standard DB-9 port for attaching external modems.

A PAL Commodore 64

This is a Commodore 64 from West Germany with its original box and power supply. It outputs PAL video, and if it is used on a NTSC North American screen, the user would see a black-and-white image. To see it in full color, a NTSC/PAL switchable monitor is recommended. A North American power supply can replace the European power supply.

An Amiga 2000 Video Toaster system

Amiga 2000Video ToasterFrom deep in storage comes a refurbished Amiga 2000 Video Toaster system. It comes an A2630 board running at 25 MHz., 1 meg chip RAM, 8 meg Fast RAM, 4 gig SCSI hard drive, CD-ROM drive, dual floppy drives, Amiga OS 3.1, Video Toaster software 4.3, keyboard, mouse, a new clock battery, and a variety of games and demos loaded in the hard drive.

System refurbished by Duncan MacDougall

IBM Thinkcentre 8189

This is a desktop Pentium4 computer with 3 GB RAM and WindowsXP installed (and WinUAE for Amiga emulation and VICE for Commodore 8-bit emulation).

ZoomFloppy USB CBM Drive Interface

The ZoomFloppy USB board, by Retro Innovations along with open source software allows you to connect your Commodore IEC/parallel (and IEEE-488 with the proper connector - not included) Disk Drive to your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC via USB. Raffle is just for the board pictured. Software/documentation is available on the internet.

1571 disk drive

This Commodore disk drive comes with JiffyDOS.


Must be present to win.

Jeri Ellsworth DTV Postage Stamps

A set of custom-printed Postage Stamps, which have Jeri Ellsworth with her C64 DTV.

Three bottles of wine dedicated to Chuck Peddle

Baysinger Cellars of Lodi, California is donating this red wine, a Syrah 2008, nicknamed “VIC-20 Buck Chuck”.

Commodore-labeled plastic "Gift" Bag

Each attendee will receive a plastic shopping bag, emblazoned with the Commodore name and logo, and with a freebie(s) inside, like a CD-ROM copy from Commodore Gaming and/or pen from

The book, Your Commodore 64

Two copies of the book will be available.

Loadstar disk magazine covers

Four sets of six original covers from Loadstar 64 disk magazine. Covers donated by Fender Tucker, editor emeritus.

Loadstar Compleat CD

A CD-ROM containing Loadstar 64 up to issue 199, all of Loadstar 128, Loadstar Letter, and the various Loadstar collections. Donated by Fender Tucker, editor emeritus.

AmigaKit rulers has given us AmigaKit plastic rulers to distribute to the attendees. Donated by Matthew Leaman, CEO of

The book, A Commodore 64 Walkabout

Robinson Mason is sending some signed copies of his book, “A Commodore 64 Walkabout”.

Amiga Action Replay

Produced by Datel Electronics, this is a freezer cart for the A500/1000, and it comes with instruction book.

KCS Tape Speedsaver Combo

With this German C64 cartridge, you get 16 more functions for the programmer, 26 more BASIC commands, 10x faster loading and saving to tape, and disk drive utilities.

Amiga checkered tie

A-EON Technologies, maker of the Amiga X1000 computer, is providing this checkered tie, autographed by CEO Trevor Dickinson.

Final Cartridge III

A venerable C64 utility cartridge, this one comes with a joystick-drive GUI.