Commodore Vegas Expo v7
July 23 & 24, 2011
Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV


AmigaOne G4, Sam440 Flex, Sam460, and Other Amiga Goodness

The AmigaOne has a PowerPC motherboard capable of running Amiga OS4.x. See Amiga OS 4.1, the Timberwolf web browser, and the OWB (Other Web Browser) in action! The Sam440 Flex and the Sam460 are PowerPC boards which run OS 4.1.

All courtesy of Lars Nelson

PAL 64, 1541 Ultimate II

Tim Waite has agreed to run PAL C64 demos from his 1541 Ultimate II onto a NTSC/PAL monitor.

Amiga 500 computer

Try your hands at building a game with the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit for the Amiga. Or just play with the pre-made games that come with the kit or the games on the SupraDrive h.d..

A500 courtesy of Tim Waite

Amiga 1200 desktop computer

This is an A1200 souped up with a Blizzard 68060 board running at 50 MHz., OS 3.9, 128 megs of Fast RAM, and a 2 gig CompactFlash hard drive. It will be running various games and demos.

A1200 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

the Multiple Classic Computer - MCC-216 is sending over the MCC-216, VGA version, with C64 NTSC, C64 PAL, Atari 2600, and new Amiga 500 cores! Try out the various classic games included with this device.

SuperCPU 128 and Turbomaster CPU

Attendees can try out these accelerator boards with such games like Metal Dust and those from the 3-D Construction Kit.

Commodore PET 8296-D

The last business PET that Commodore Business Machines produced in 1985-86, this one comes from West Germany but obtained in England. View the classic business documentation that comes with it.

PET 8296-D courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Commodore VIC-20

On this 30th anniversary of the release of the VIC-20, we'll have one powered up with the VIC-20 Megacart, VIC-20 Multicart/Development cart, and other software which includes a wide variety of games as well as an assortment of controllers for the attendees to play and explore.

VIC-20 courtesy of Larry Anderson

Misc goodies fron Larry's stuff

Larry Anderson will be bringing along an Arduino microcontroller board (with some user port connectors) for those interested in seeing what can be done with the Arduino and the Commodore.

Zoom floppy board - fresh from the post, facilitates the connection of serial (and IEEE-488) drives via USB to modern computers - we will be testing that out as time permits.

uIEC IDE/compact flash and uIEC SD drives, and other goodies.

Comet 64 and Commodore Server

Steve Davison and Greg Alekel will be back with the Comet 64 internet modem and Commodore Server and their plans for Commodore 8-bit internet domination! (well.. maybe a good representation at least)