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I Made a Zine!

Short Attention Span Zine #1The first issue of my “Short Attention Span Zine” is available for you to download, print, enjoy and share - fits on an 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper (double sided). Created on Linux based computer (though could have been done on Macs or Windows machines, but just wanted to point out Linux IS ready for prime time!) with Scribus Desktop Publishing and Inkscape Illustration programs (also available free, like Linux.) Expect to see at least couple more issues eventually.

You can find it here: http://portcommodore.com/zines/ (other zines will be here later on) .

Visiting or living in the Mother Lode? - use doPlaces.com!

Discover more in Amador Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties with doPlaces.com a local community resource created by me - Find local businesses, services, transportation, sports, recreation, parks, campgrounds, trails, food, dining, wineries, museums, galleries, churches, clubs, groups, points of interests, equestrian and pet friendly spots, lodging, shows, workshops, classes, meetings, sales, notices for competition entries, fundraisers, advance tickets, class enrolment, and much more! Locally made (by me!) and maintained.

Check it out - http://www.doplaces.com - tell your friends!


Check out My Shops

My Cafe Press shop - cafepress.com/larrymade

Where you can find some great designs on shirts and other items, and more designs coming soon!


My Etsy shop - etsy.com/shop/larrymade

Hand crafted upcycled vintage tech gifts for the nerd who has everything.

(pictured are notebooks created from 3.5, 5.25 and 8 inch floopy Disks and greenbar paper and an economical pocket notebook using a punchcard cover and greenbar paper filler.)



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