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For those wondering where my Facebook presence is, it isn't anymore.

I don't know how people don't go crazy with all the stuff that comes through their feed. Self indulgent whining, lousy humor, politics, game requests, etc. etc. etc. Maybe its the general political times right now (call it economy if you prefer that word) For me it wasn't all that productive. So I left.

I do have a Google Plus presence, but that one is still working on making their own groove, and don't check in all that much, though I hold hope that it becomes something more worthwhile.

The one that fits me sees to be Tumblr lot less whining, no games and much more tagging and sharing of ideas, things and concepts (check out my follows to see what I mean. If you haven't tried it (and maybe are tiring of Facebook friendship overload) check it out and see if you like it. See something you like, most peoples pages you can click on it and see who else re-blogged it and check out their blog, when you find someone who is interesting you follow them, etc. Don't lie their stuff, don't follow - no harm.

So far I'm finding the positive/creative community I've been wanting from Facebook.. Though there seems to be a lack of Classic computing stuff (in English) will need to help contribute to that community - maybe I'll see you there. :-)

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One CommVEx Peeve

Of all the things about CommVEx I have one “PET” peeve (well pet peeve, but couldn't stop thinking about the Commodore PET) that has bugged me (and from mutterings, a couple other folks share in the frustration). It is the doorprize program. I love the idea that the program is ran on the Commodore, I like that the computer randomly chooses… but.. I've noticed (like most random programs) it favors the center of the distribution and also can pick the same person twice… (unless you keep the program running… which isn't feasible).

So one of my self-inflicted projects is to make a 21st century doorprize drawing program for the 64.

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PHP Below the Root - Part 3

(sorry if this is a bit nonsensical as I am working out my terminology still)

In order to access pages below the root we need to have the code collect a list of pages accessible

There is one main direct access rout via a ”?do=directname” parameter, as well as script-defined routes via a ”?go=#######” parameter.

The do parameters are stored in the /wanda/app/.. directories below the root in the info.php file, these also include the access group information as well as a user access menu list for building “go” lists… more or less the “drag and drop entry” for that application.

here is an example of a an info.php file,

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PHP Below the Root - Part 2

In the last part I discussed the file structure. Everything will come from one main script, (i.e. index.php)

that script will have the minimum of code, everything else will be fed from deeper libraries.

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Taking PHP Below the Root

I'm sure most of us PHP guys have read all the security stuff about how we can best secure our code. Lots of quick sound bits that sound all that good but trying to implement them is another story.

One that I felt was a challenge is taking my PHP code below the webroot level. While many I am sure would be satisfied with getting the choice bits under, but I was thinking it would be best if you could get as much as possible. I could better control what scripts get accessed, etc.

I wanted to make it also so everything worked through one core script. This is for my framework WANDA, which is designed to host multiple programs, so another bit was to do some cleanup work on access and menus. to make the programs closer to plugin ready.

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Ian Matthews, 2011/09/19 21:49

Hi Larry;

I was blowing through my links page and found your SILICON PET page from the old site seems to have disappeared. Do you still have it live? I would like to keep my link to it.

Larry Anderson, 2012/08/25 10:55

wow discussion! Heh.

it's kinda deep in the menu structure - computing classic commodore pet or seach for PET (search will find you most places quicker) http://portcommodore.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=larry:comp:commodore:pet:start

The PET Files are stil on-line too but not linked - http://portcommodore.com/files/petfiles.htm

I need to revisit the PET stuff, there is soo much that is going on with the PET there's now people working on flash drives for PET/IEE-488 PET demos, and ROM/RAM replacement boards.

Linda McLaughlin, 2012/05/31 13:48

I'm the props manager, and I need gears and things for a steampunk play. Any ideas?

Larry Anderson, 2012/08/25 11:02

Hmm, tear apart old printers and use some silver/brass paint? Some inkjets and lasers have some good sized gears in it. Most of the steampunk crafters use watch gears for jewelry.

David, 2012/07/06 00:14

hi larry, i am on a hunt to find the sound that the commodore pet computer made when you turned it on. a little beeping sound. i know its a random question, but do you know where i might find it? perhaps a place where i could download it? thanks.

Larry Anderson, 2012/08/25 10:59

The “PET jingle” will play in the VICE PET emulator when you start it up (or when running by entering PRINT CHR$(7) or control-g (IIRC PRINT CHR$(135) sounds a longer jingle sound) when you set it to emulate a 4000/8000 series PET/CBM.

dewaine, 2015/09/07 21:39

hi larry would like to make an interface cable for my commodore 64 to hook to my ham radio gear for packet can you help. happy computing.

dewaine, 2015/09/07 21:42

hi larry would like to make an interface cable for my commodore 64 to hook to my ham radio gear for packet can you help. happy computing.


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