Commodore Vegas Expo v8
July 28 & 29, 2012
Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV


Steve Davison, Commodore 8-Bit ubercoder presenting

Video of Jack Tramiel

In memory of the late Jack Tramiel, we will see video of him at the 25th Anniversary of the Commodore 64, filmed at the Computer History Museum in 2007. Not the video from the CHM, this unseen video was filmed by Robert Bernardo.

Video greeting from R.J. Mical

Original Amiga engineer, R.J. Mical, has videotaped a special greeting for all attendees to see!

Jim Drew

Jim Drew, creator of more 60 commercial products for Commodore and Amiga computers in the 1980's and 1990's and CBM educational/support representative for Oregon from 1983 to 1985, will be telling stories of those days. He will also be introducing his new product, SuperCard Pro, and will have two prototypes to show.

Unveiling of the Comet+ Internet Modem

Bigger, better, faster! Greg Alekel will give all the details on this prototype, like Wi-Fi, SD card storage, and more!

Commodore 128 VGA adapter

Another run of this RGB-to-VGA adapter for the Commodore 128 was planned to be released at CommVEx, but time is running out. Looks like the produced models won't be for sale, but two prototypes from BIT-C= will be examined.

New C64 Game Premiere, Unknown Realm

After years of hard work, Bruce will present his creation for all at CommVEx to see. 90% complete, this Ultima-type game is in good enough as a playable demo.

Metal Dust competition

For the gamers in the crowd… Fancy winning some cash? And not by Las Vegas gambling but by your skills? Then the first ever Metal Dust competition is for you! Get the high score in this SuperCPU shooter for the C64 and then watch the money pour in!

Canabalt competition

Metal Dust not your cup of tea? Then try your gaming abilities on Canabalt! Run… and run… and run… and the gamer who runs the farthest in Canabalt will win a gift certificate to a well-known ice cream parlor with 31 flavors on the menu!

Space Spuds!

Fancy a good 3-D game?! Well, you can don the Haitex 3-D glasses and play Space Spuds on the Amiga! After playing the game at CommVEx, you'll be all set to see Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises” in 3-D. ;)

Printing with a HP 940c and GEOS and Godot

Didn't think a Commodore 64/128 could print with a Hewlett-Packard printer? In this video presentation made especially for CommVEx, FCUG member Roger van Pelt shows how you can print your documents in color or in black-and-white with a HP 940c printer and GEOS, and with the same printer and Godot.

Downloading/Uploading with the Commodore and modem

Robert Bernardo shows how to download, upload, and convert with the use of a Commodore, a modem, and a shell account.

Guest - Lenard Roach

Commodore programmer, author, and editor, Lenard Roach hails from the Midwest and will update us on his latest projects.

Mystery Presentations of C.K.

Commodore programmer, maintainer of the website, “The Secret Weapons of Commodore”; and general practitioner, Cameron Kaiser will be there to present two talks – a preview of the game, “Aptitude” and a SID demo. Very mysterious!

Digimaster 128

Robert Bernardo will do a presentation on Digimaster 128, Hydrophilic's conversion of Autumn Technologies' classic Digimaster software for the Commodore 64. Digimaster is the audio-sampling software which uses the Sound Ultimate Xpander 6400 audio digitizer cartridge in order to capture and edit audio in 8-bit sound quality.

C64 Diagnostic and C128 Diagnostic Cartridges

Watch as these two cartridges and harness from CBM work their diagnostic magic on C64s and C128s. Only CBM repair shops were allowed to have these carts, and that rule was strictly enforced. So don't tell CBM!

The Expanded Amiga 4000

Tim Waite shows off and describes everything that went into the making of his expanded A4000 computer.

1541 Ultimate II - questions answered

The 1541U is a popular topic at every CommVEx, and it's back again! Watch how to make use of this cartridge.

Commodore in the movies

Spot the Commodores! See two student video productions in which Commodores appear.

EasyDisk for EasyFlash

Steve Davison will be presenting his EasyDisk C64 driver that allows you to load and save files on the EasyFlash cartridge.

PETSCII Animator

Steve Davison will present his ML-coded PETSCII Animator which will allow you to easily do GIF-like animated scenes with PETSCII characters on the C64.

Video of Bil Herd and Rob Clarke

Kick back and relax for after-dinner entertainment on Saturday night! Filmed earlier this year, we'll see video of CBM engineer Bil Herd presenting the “History of Commodore, part II” and of Bil Herd and Rob Clarke presenting “CBM 8 Bit Repair”.