Commodore Vegas Expo v8
July 28 & 29, 2012
Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV


Vendor Tables Available!

Get your Commodore Fix at a great price from one of the Vendor's TablesExhibit tables are free…just pay the $10 admission.

Vending tables are free… just pay the $10 admission and give one item for the raffle.

For more details, contact Robert Bernardo at:

Jim Scabery Sales

Jim Scabery, Portland, Oregon's last Commodore dealer, will have Commodore software new-in-box, at discounted prices. To see what will be exactly at the show, go to

Goodies from Jim Drew

Classic hardware/software developer Jim Drew digs into his storage and will have the following items to sell:

1541 SuperCard+ (150 brand new, without 8K RAM or 2K EPROM)

1541 SuperCard+ (10 brand new with both chips)

1541-II/1571 SuperCard+ (70 brand new, without 8K RAM or 2K EPROM)

1541-II/1571 SuperCard+ (30 brand new with both chips)

105 HesMon carts (brand new)

100 Super Cartridge boards and cases (no EPROMS)

3 MW C128 power supplies

3 MW C64 power supplies

2 MW A500 power supplies

25 EMPLANT boards, fully populated with SCSI and serial.

And a variety of different cartridges and other odds and ends.

Tim Waite Sales

Commodore and Amiga enthusiast Tim Waite will have for sale an EasyFlash, ZoomFloppy, CKey 3.0a and a uIEC/SD, C128DCR, C128 in box, and other fun stuff.

Lenard Roach Sales

All the way from Kansas City, Lenard will be selling his programs, books, and other miscellaneous items.

The Freebie Table

The Clark County Commodore Computer Club (of Las Vegas) and some guests have a place for hardware and software to give away!